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Company Background

WIRES.CO.UK is a division of Scientific Wire Company established for over 40 years.

Originally based in London (UK) for over 40 years and have moved to Great Dunmow in Essex, (UK) during 2011, we have an extensive range of wires for all types of uses - including wire for scientific experiments and wire for craft use.

All our wires are listed on the left hand side "Store Sections".

At the top we have a special section "Special Offers" which we update regularly.

We can supply bulk wire to the trade, wire for distributors and special packaged retail products for craft trade. Please email us for details.

Wires for Craft

We have two special sections for craft wires:

a section for craftwork gallery - you can submit pictures of your wire work to us and we will put it on the gallery,

and a section for wires specifically for craft use - these include coloured wires, pre-knit / knitted wire, knitted wire jewellery kits and craft books.

Popular metals (listed outside of the Craft Section) for craft or jewellery making are Silver Wire, Silver Plated Copper Wire and Gold Plated Copper Wire.


The metals are listed alphabetically, however there are many items that are not listed here, so if you cannot find it here please email us with the details of your requirement.

Useful Data

Our list of items are mainly listed with diameters in millimetres.

Many people work with wire "Gauges", and at the bottom of the store sections we have a section called "Useful Data" which currently holds conversion data for "Standard Wire Gauge" (SWG) to millimetres and American Wire Gauge" (AWG) to millimetres.

Contact Us

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