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<span style='font-size: 18px;'>Welcome to WIRES.CO.UK</span>

Welcome to WIRES.CO.UK

We are based in Essex, UK and have an extensive range of wires for all types of uses - including wire for scientific experiments and wire for craft use.

All our wires are listed on the left hand side "Store Sections" (at the top we have a special section "Special Offers" which we update regularly)

We can supply bulk wire to the trade, wire for distributors and special packaged retail products for craft trade.

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Best Selling Items

500Grams 0.8mm NT Copper craft Wire (111Metres)

7.07 (~8.13)

20 awg gauge

This wire is protected from tarnishing
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500grams 0.71mm Black Iron Wire

3.24 (~3.73)

0.71mm 22 SWG soft Black Iron Wire


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500grams 0.5mm Black Iron Wire

3.24 (~3.73)

0.5mm 25 SWG 24 awg soft Black Iron Wire


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36 Metres 0.80mm Square Wire PACK 6 Coils

9.53 (~10.96)




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GANUTELL By Maria Kerr [ Special Offer: UK Post Free!! ]

13.13 (~15.10)



## This offer item only available for UK addresses


## Non UK orders, see "Related Products" below


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3 Metres 0.1mm 3121 Supa Champagne Knitted Craft Wire (15mm Wide Tube)

4.02 (~4.62)

3 Metres of Approx 30mm Circumference Tubular
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200 Metres 0.315mm Soft Silver Plated Copper Wire TARNISH RESISTANT

4.02 (~4.62)

143 grams net weight 200 meters

This wire has an ultra thin coating that will inhibit tarnishing
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20 Metre Coil 0.4mm NT Copper Craft Wire

1.44 (~1.66)

this wire is non tarnish
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20 Metres 0.40mm "ANTIQUE BRONZE" Coloured Copper Wire on Reel

1.75 (~2.01)

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175 Metres 0.2mm 3116 Supa Clear Coloured Craft Wire

3.23 (~3.71)

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175 Metres 0.2mm 3015 Ivory Coloured Craft Wire

3.76 (~4.32)

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175 Metres 0.2mm 3016 Warm Gold Coloured Craft Wire

3.23 (~3.71)

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New Products

10m 2mm Copper Nickel Wire

24.73 (~28.44)

500 gram reel of 2.0mm 14 SWG Bare Copper Nickel Wire (Copper Nickel = Constantan = Eureka)

Data: approx: 0.156 ohms per metre, 500g = approx 17 metres
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10m 2mm Double Cotton Covered Copper Wire

20.00 (~23.00)

will come on a coil
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125g 0.4mm Double Silk on Copper Wire

8.75 (~10.06)

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500g 0.4mm Double Silk on Copper Wire

27.75 (~31.91)

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500g 0.45mm Double Silk on Copper Wire

27.75 (~31.91)

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12 X 0.125mm Solderable Stranded Enamelled Copper 500g

19.98 (~22.98)

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500Gram 800/0.04mm Solderable Single Silk Covered Litz Wire

65.05 (~74.81)

800/0.04mm Solderable Single Silk Covered Litz Wire
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500Grams 130 Strands of 0.125mm double silk covered litz Wire

41.53 (~47.76)

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500g 35/0.071mm Solderable double Silk Covered Litz Wire

53.98 (~62.08)

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