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Online Catalogue |  PTFE COVERED

PTFE Details:

Provides excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, solvents, oils, fire and soldering.

It is unaffected by atmospheric conditions, aircraft & rocket fuels and hydraulic fluids.


Max Temp: 260C / Min Temp: -75C / Min Temp: -200C (with loss of flex)

Melt Point: 327C / Elongation: 350% / Dielectric: 19KV/MM

Radiation Limit: NIL / Non Flammable

PTFE Silver Plated Copper PTFE Silver Plated Copper
Click here for PTFE Silver Plated Copper Wire.

PTFE Nickel Chrome PTFE Nickel Chrome
Click here for PTFE Nickel Chrome

PTFE Constantan PTFE Constantan
Click here for PTFE Constantan

PTFE covered silver 99.99% PTFE covered silver 99.99%
Click here for PTFE Constantan

Online Catalogue |  PTFE COVERED

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